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Continence Products

Unicare Health has a large range of incontinence aids available online. We stock a wide variety of absorbencies, sizes, and the choice of disposable or reusable. Our range of pads for adults includes: unisex and gender specific liners, insert / booster pads, pull up pants, all in one diapers (also known as adult nappies), and belted diapers. You will also find protection for your mattress, quilt, seat or electric lift chair in our extensive offering. These products are available online for delivery Australia wide or alternatively you can contact us on 1800 656 654.

Insert Pads
Pull Up Pants
Anatomical Shape Pads
All in One Diapers
Fixation Pants
Undergarments - Washable
Bed & Chair Protection - Disposable
Bed & Chair Protection - Washable
Skin Care