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Reacher, Classic Pro, Long

Multi-purpose, the Classic is ideal for picking up everyday items around the home if bending or reaching is difficult to do. Available in a range of lengths and styles - not forgetting the handy travel folding options - you will always have one with you when you need it!
4591 Reacher Classic Pro Long
DVA: RAP: AH12 Item: 2710


  • Ideal for people who have difficulty stretching or bending, or with limited hand strength
  • Durable, lightweight aluminium shaft
  • Serrated rubber lined plastic jaws provide excellent grip
  • Ergonomically designed comfortable hand grip
  • Two finger action trigger for ease of operation
  • Trigger can be used as dressing aid
  • Reacher can be hung by trigger for easy storage
  • Magnetised tip assists in picking up small items
  • Removable stick clip attaches to wheelchair or walking frame
Reacher, Classic Pro, Short
Reacher, Classic Pro, Long
ItemGrab ReacherGrab Reacher
BrandHelping HandHelping Hand
Overall Length (mm)660810
Overall Width (mm)3030
Overall Height (mm)105105
Unit Weight (g)190220
Warranty (months)1212
Economic Order Quantity5050
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