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Clinical Training Opportunities

Support Surface Selection Workshop

Workshop : Support Surface Selection
– Demystifying Mattress Choice and Clinical Applications

Date : Thursday, 22 April 2021
Time : 9am to 1pm
Venue : Technology Park Function Centre, Bentley

Back by popular demand, this workshop explores extensive product range and clinical applications. All clinicians involved in mattress choice for pressure injury management should attend.

This workshop will

  • Discuss the Clinical Application of Support Surface Features
  • Discuss mattress criteria essential for effective pressure injury management, comfort and sleep promotion
  • Compare and Contrast the features and benefits of foam, air, dry flotation mattress systems
  • Highlight the latest technological advances in mattress support surfaces that promote optimal wound and skin care, reduced manual handling, improved infection control, user comfort & safety and ease staff care requirements to achieve better wellness and health outcomes

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Workshop : Being smart about Bariatric Equipment
– Thinking beyond safe working load

Date : Thursday, 13 May 2021
Time : 9am to 1pm
Venue : Technology Park Function Centre, Bentley

This workshop offers attendees the opportunity to become familiar with the different body type presentations of those individuals living with obesity. It will provide guidelines to assist with prescribing and scripting healthcare equipment that matches a client’s body type to facilitate function, safety, comfort and quality of life.

With the continual growth of obesity rates world wide and the implications related to the development of chronic health conditions for those living with obesity, it is important to recognise the particular challenges related to care and functional equipment prescription for these individuals.

Clinicians responsible for this equipment prescription require awareness of the specific needs of each plus size individual and the criteria that equipment needs to fulfil in order to best facilitate functional independence, comfort, safety and a sense of well being.

This workshop aims to provide a connection between the care, safety, comfort, dignity and enablement of a person living with obesity and the prescription of healthcare equipment.

Workshop Goals:

  • Develop an understanding of obesity in Australia
  • Develop an understanding of what it means to be obese
  • Develop an understanding of obese body types
  • Assessment and Measurement of an individual living with obesity
  • Equipment design needs related to individual living with obesity
  • Explore various pieces of healthcare equipment design and the implications for use with specific body types

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Seminar: Effective Seating Solutions for Aged Care

Seminar : Effective Seating Solutions for Aged Care
– Residential & Community

Date : Thursday, 20 May 2021
Time : 9am to 3pm
Venue : Technology Park Function Centre, Bentley

Unicare Health is presenting the opportunity for all therapists involved in seating prescriptions for aged individuals to join us at this event focused on developing effective seating systems to maintain comfort, pressure injury prevention, posture management and function.

This seminar will feature:

  • Principles of positioning and seating intervention as related to the aged
  • Factors that can impact seating and positioning
  • Assessment and Client Measurements
  • Seating system selection
  • Transport approved seating guidelines and options
  • The opportunity to review and compare commonly used and available seating options


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Basics of Wheelchair Adjustments Workshop

Workshop : Wheelchair Adjustments
– Understanding Basic Adjustments and Seating System Design

Date : Thursday, 17 June 2021
Time : 9am to 1pm
Venue : Technology Park Function Centre, Bentley

Unicare Health would like to invite all therapists involved in manual wheelchair prescriptions to develop an understanding of seating systems and explore the adjustability of different chairs to suit client needs.

This is an interactive workshop designed to help therapists improve their competence when performing basic adjustments to their client’s wheelchair and accessories.

Workshop Goals:

  • Gain an understanding of wheelchairs and seating system design
  • Explore the adjustability of common manual chairs such as the Tourer, Breezy Basix, SR45 and Quickie2
  • Learn how to perform hands-on basic adjustments to your client’s chair (legrest, footplate, seating angle etc.)
  • Practise the art of headrest adjustments

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Showroom Open Mornings for Occupational Therapists

Upcoming sessions:
Monday, 15 March 2021 ( closed )
Monday, 22 March 2021 ( closed )
Monday, 12 April 2021
Monday, 10 May 2021
Monday, 14 June 2021
Monday, 19 July 2021

Time : 9am to 12pm
Venue : Unicare Health, 29 Alexandra Place, Bentley

Are you a newly practicing OT or an OT in a new role that requires you to be competent with prescribing equipment in the community? Join our clinical trainer, Annette Terranova, during our showroom open mornings to develop a greater familiarity with commonly prescribed assistive technology and examine clinical advantages of equipment range.

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Workshop : Person-centred Moving and Handling Equipment Workshop
– Tips, Techniques & Clinical Practices
Date : Wednesday, 14 April 2021
Time : 9am to 1pm
Venue : Quality Hotel Lighthouse, Koombana Room, Carey St, Bunbury

Innovations in moving and handling equipment technology and functionality are constantly evolving. This creates a need to remain up to date with products, functions and features in an effort to provide the optimal equipment solution for each individual user, environment and circumstances.

Using products supplied by Unicare Health, this workshop will focus on features and benefits and clinical applications of moving and handling equipment using:

  • Allegro Hoists and Slings
  • Oxford Standing and Lifting Hoists
  • Orbit Ceiling Hoists
  • Mangar Camel and Elk

In addition it will examine some common moving and handling techniques related to bed mobility and Regency chairs.