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About Us

Our Enabling Power

Our Enabling Power

The Enabling Power of Applied Knowledge

What is Our Vision?

To be Australia’s most respected partner to healthcare professionals, carers and customers; recommending, providing and improving equipment that best enhances quality of life.

How will we deliver our Vision?

By having an unmatched range and understanding of product.

A unique capacity to refine and design equipment to enhance its utility.

Superior service that consistently demonstrates a real willingness to “go the extra mile”.

What is our Competitive Difference?

Our level of knowledge, our training capability, and the expertise we bring to designing product that is best in class.

What Benefit are we offering?

We are the conduit that matches optimal solutions to specific need, thus ensuring maximum benefit in terms of enhanced mobility, dexterity and comfort.

What is our Personality?

We are:

A … knowledgeable expert
That is… caring and empathetic,
And… agile, responsive and adaptable

What are our Values?

Going Further

We consistently demonstrate a willingness to go beyond what is expected. We try harder and go the extra mile. We do this without prompting and without expectation of acknowledgement.

Respect for Individuals

We are non-judgemental. We take people as we find them, we treat them with respect and dignity and recognise everyone as a unique individual with unique needs.


We strive to create mutually supportive relationships. The concept of “Family” is important to us and we extend this attachment to our extended family of customers and suppliers.