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Our Identity

Our Identity

Name Rationale

The Unicare Health name is the key to our identity, denoting, as it does, a single-minded focus on the individual and their ongoing wellbeing. Derived from the Latin “unus”, meaning “one”, the name Unicare Health stresses the emphasis placed on the individual and the effort made to provide an individualised matching of need with appropriate equipment. It also more obliquely references our ability to customise the equipment itself.

“Care” is a more inclusive and comprehensive concept than “rehab” which fails to recognise that some equipment users will not be rehabilitated, indeed their condition could worsen. Care fits well with the agreed brand personality, values and the ‘enabling’ aspect of our Brand Story.

Logo Rationale


The Unicare Health symbol supports the brand in a number of ways:
• It takes a singular shape and reflects it as a mirror image. We reflect and respond to individual need.
• We are an important ‘reflection’ of healthcare professionals. Not doing what they do, but complementing their work by reflecting patient need in the choice and design of equipment that enhances patient care.
• The reflected symbol appears to turn a corner. We help our customers make a valuable, positive change in direction.
• The colour palate is soft, nurturing, non-aggressive, positive and comforting. This is consistent with our caring approach and internal culture.

Graphic Elements

The Unicare Health graphic elements represent our ‘care for the environment’. Each Unicare Health division has a different graphic element configuration portraying their individual identity and responsibility to care.

Unicare Health Graphic Elements