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COVID-19 Risk Management



With the current spread of the corona virus pandemic, Unicare Health management and staff are working together vigilantly to mitigate the risk of any transmission of the disease within our own staff, and to any person we come in contact with during the course of business.

The situation is being monitored closely, with policies updated and implemented as government regulations are put into effect. To date, the following policies have been applied.


  1. All business overseas air travel is cancelled, until further notice.
  2. All non-essential domestic air travel is cancelled, until further notice.
  3. Any staff who travel outside Australia is required to self-isolate for 14 days on their return. All other Australian Government regulations regarding travel restrictions must also be complied with.
  4. Any staff who have had contact with a person who has travelled outside Australia may not visit any of our clients for 14 days after that contact, and are required to self-monitor, and self-isolate for 14 days should they become unwell.

Personal Care

  1. Any staff who has had contact with a confirmed case of corona virus is required to self-monitor, and self-isolate for 14 days.
  2. Any staff who experiences cold or flu-like symptoms is required to self-isolate, and obtain a medical clearance stating that there is no presence of Corona virus, before returning to work.
  3. All staff are exercising extra care to ensure our hygiene standards are kept at their best, including:
    • Washing hands regularly.
    • Regular wipe-down disinfection of all surfaces and workstations.
    • Use of Hand sanitiser provided at station points in the workplace.
    • Use of Hand sanitiser provided individually for staff who are visiting clients and suppliers. This must be used at a minimum between visits.
    • Observing coughing protocol.
  4. It is recommended that all staff have an influenza vaccination once they become available in April 2020. It is a mandatory requirement for staff who visit clients.


  1. All non-essential scheduled visits to Unicare Health premises are cancelled until further notice, except for visits from customers.
  2. It is recommended that staff do not initiate or accept a handshake with any other person.
  3. It is recommended to all staff to maintain a safe distance of 1 metre between themselves and any other person.
  4. Any customer visiting our showroom, who has travelled from outside Australia within the last 2 weeks, must not enter the building.

Product Demonstration, Deliveries and Collections

  1. Rental and Demonstration product returns disinfection processes must now include:
    • Visual check by a department manager, that all cleaning processes have been adhered to. This must be documented and signed off as completed.
    • Visual check and disinfectant spray applied to all outgoing rental equipment.
    • All returned rental equipment may not be re-hired within 24 hours of its return.
    • Delivery vehicles are disinfected internally every day.
  2. Customers are no longer obliged to provide an electronic signature as proof of delivery (POD). The driver / delivery personnel must document the receiver’s name, and sign the POD in their place. A photo of the goods delivered, attached to the POD, is mandatory.
  3. Any delivery or collection of equipment scheduled to take place to a person who is in self-isolation, will not be carried out. The delivery or collection will be re-scheduled for a later date.
  4. Our Dispatch team must comply with all healthcare facility protocol when scheduling deliveries to any facility, including liaison, designated delivery points, and wearing eye, nose, mouth and hand protection.


While all precautions are being made and measures being implemented to keep our hygiene standards at best, and to ensure the safety of our staff, customers, clients and indeed any person we come in contact with, the nature of the corona virus epidemic is unknown and unpredictable.

Unicare Health shall not be held accountable or liable for any transmission of corona virus from any staff member, to any other person, whether inadvertent, unintentional, intentional or in any way whatsoever, should such a case occur.