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Asset Management

Asset Management

Unitrax - Cloud Based Asset Management Platform for Healthcare Facilities

Unitrax is a cloud based intelligent asset management platform pre-configured for healthcare facilities. Built in conjunction with AS/NZS 3551:2012 'Management Programs for Medical Equipment' and best practices it is designed to save money and reduce risk. Unitrax will become the central hub of your asset data including service history, documentation, attributes, expected lifespan, and reporting.
UNITRAX Unitrax Cloud Based Asset Management Platform for Healthcare Facilities


  • Save time - Reduce time spent searching for assets and their service history, all this detail is available at the scan of a QR code
  • Reduce risk - Significantly mitigate the risk of adverse events by keeping up-to-date with preventative maintenance and inspection reminders
  • Work from anywhere - As a professional, you are frequently on the move, Unitrax is cloud based meaning your asset data can be accessed from anywhere on any device
  • Improve service - Asset down time means inconvenience to your clients, Unitrax means you can report an asset out of service immediately using a smart phone
  • Register - Replace costly and time consuming spreadsheets. All data can be exported back to Excel as required. Over 100 pre-configured asset categories plus the ability to create your own
  • Dashboard - See where your assets are located, how old they are, and how many require servicing at a glance
  • Mapping - In built location info including site and department, and the ability to place assets at a client's house means you can easily keep track of your assets
  • Documents - Efficient management of asset documentation to ensure the images, manuals, and safe use procedures are always on hand
  • Reporting - Advanced reporting available to satisfy the ever increasing scrutiny of asset registers
  • Flexibility - Customisable asset hierarchy with over 100 standard categories for healthcare facilities
  • No hardware required - Designed for use with existing your smart phone and PC, meaning no specialised scanners or servers are required
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