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Introducing Australia's first intelligent nursing home bed!

Have you heard about the fully functional electronic nursing bed that alerts you at the nurses station when your patient attempts to leave the bed, or doesn’t go back to bed after visiting the bathroom at night, and even lights up at night so that your patient can navigate their way to the bathroom? If you have not, you need to be watching this video of the Sentida 7-i.

Unicare Health is proud to be the main distributor of the Sentida 7-i in Western Australia – Australia’s first intelligent nursing home bed – and also the most effective bed in preventing falls and pressure sores.

Designed and made in Germany, the Sentida 7-i has won numerous prestigious design awards including the internationally renowned Red Dot Award, setting new standards in electronics and intelligent sensors, which had previously only been available for hospital beds.

The Sentida 7-i also won the best product to support ageing in place at the recent 5th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards 2017, that took place in Singapore on 26 April 2017.

The Sentida-7i is the only bed that prevents falls & pressure sores and the safest bed for dementia patients.

The Sentida 7-i is the only bed in the world that can be adjusted to individual resident needs, making it the safest bed for dementia patients.

The Sentida 7-i is a nursing home bed which makes everyday life easier for both the nursing staff and residents with its sophisticated functions. It offers the highest degree of integrated intelligence with many innovative functions. Operation is intuitive and easy-to-understand, with interactive fittings completing the concept, which was designed for demanding nursing tasks to the highest of standards.

Sentida 7i Unicare Health

Benefits of the Sentida 7-i at a glance:

Unicare Health Sentida 7-i

Weight monitoring

The Sentida 7-i comes with a fully automatic integrated weighing system that supports nursing staff during documentation, without the complicated use of a lifter. In addition to this, the weight chart, which is saved hourly and can be displayed in intervals of days, weeks and months, can improve medical care and also helps to draw conclusions concerning the dosage of medication or the assessment of lymphatic fluid accumulation in the legs.

Unicare Health Sentida 7-i

Bed exit assistant

The bed exit assistant includes a connected night light for patients to locate the floor and navigate their way to the bathroom at night. For patients requiring extra care, it can also be programmed to alert nurses when patients attempt to leave the bed by themselves at night, if they do not return to bed after a pre-programmed amount of time, or if they attempt to climb over the safety rails. These early warnings help to prevent any potential falls.

 Unicare Health Sentida 7-i

Safety sensors

Safety sensors around the bed includes a braking assistant to reduce the risk of falls when the bed’s brakes are not engaged. It also includes an electronic bed height assistant to help prevent falls from dangerous heights and an electronic side guard assistant for full resident protection.

 Unicare Health Sentida 7-i

Self-mobilization with Mobi-Lift

Mobi-lift stimulates care at the highest level, enabling patients to self-adjust the height of the bed with an extendable mobi handle to a desired height before standing up. The mobi handle can also be used as additional support during sitting and standing up.

 Unicare Health Sentida 7-i

Humidity assistant

The humidity sensor mat detects humidity in the bed, alerting nurses instantly if a resident has wet or soiled the bed. The humidity sensor mat comes in plastic and cotton options, with the ability to be laundered in a washing machine.


The Sentida-7i is the only bed, effective in preventing falls.

Three sensor assistants ensure a higher level of safety around the nursing home bed. A signal is sent by the integrated sensor system as soon as an activated assistant reports an unsafe situation involving the bed. This prevents accidents caused by falls.  The braking assistant signalizes if the brake is released and not locked again after nursing care or cleaning. In addition to this, the bed height assistant notifies nursing staff if the selected bed height, e.g. the low position, is changed. This way, falls from dangerous heights are avoided. The side guard assistant reports intended or unintended deactivation of the bed’s side guards, and thus helps to increase safety for very active residents.


The Sentida 7i has been successfully implemented all over Europe for the Fondation Claire Magnin and other large nursing care facilities worldwide.

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