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Mangar wins recognition for best practice in post falls management

Post Falls Management Product Solution

Mangar Health featured in Parliamentary Review highlighting best practice in post falls management.
Published 11 February 2019 (article)

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Falls risk?

Falls are a common and serious problem for older people and remain an everyday challenge for healthcare professionals. People living with conditions such as dementia, MS, Parkinson’s and arthritis have a high propensity to fall.

Assisting someone who has fallen can not only be distressing and undignified but can also increase the risk of injuries associated with hazardous manual lifting techniques.

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What is your post falls management solution?

Reacting to falls once they have occurred is crucial – hence the importance of post falls management.

Care homes regularly call on ambulance services to lift their fallen residents, even though they are uninjured and do not require transportation to hospital. Residents are frequently left on the floor for hours waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

For those who do require hospital assessments, “Residents are generally reluctant to be admitted to hospital, as admission often results in distress, confusion and anxiety, particularly for anyone living with dementia.”

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Mangar provides best practice in post falls management

Mangar Health launched the #UpLiftingCare campaign in UK last year after ambulance trusts reported an unprecedented demand on their services to lift uninjured residents living in care homes. This successful campaign saw the implementation of Mangar’s post falls management products being introduced in various care homes which led to the significant reduction in the number of ambulance calls and associated costs.

Mangar Health is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of inflatable moving and handling equipment, including innovative safe patient lifting devices to support carers and healthcare professionals to lift fallen people safely.

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Cost effective post falls management solution

The Mangar ELK (SWL 450kg) and Mangar Camel (SWL 320kg) are currently used by every ambulance trust in the UK and are designed to gently lift a person from the floor, while reducing the risk of injury to both the carer and the resident who has fallen.

These cost effective emergency lifting devices are designed to lift the frailest individual to a bariatric patient from the floor in a safe and dignified manner. A fallen person can be lifted with the help of one carer, with minimized risk of injury to both the fallen individual and the person lifting them.

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Mangar Camel Lifting Cushion

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Posted on 27 Feb 2019