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What's Happening at Unicare?

New Retail Catalogue - Get your free copy now!

We are very excited to be sharing with you, these sneak peeks from our new retail catalogue. Featuring the real faces of Unicare that makes this book uniquely ours, our new catalogue is packed with useful tips, inspirational ideas and innovative solutions to fill your everyday life with endless possibilities.

What makes a bedroom functional? A functional bedroom scores heavily on comfort, safety and accessibility. Your bed should be easy for you to get on and off, and reduce your risk of falls. Avoid cramping your room with a lot of furniture. Instead opt for minimal pieces to hold your essentials and use your bedroom equipment to make things easy for yourself. Learn about all the features of electronic profiling beds and how they keep you safe, mobile and comfortable.

Independent Living. Get to know the clever products that help you to maintain your independence at home.  A food preparation system helps to keep food stable when you cut or peel. It is ideal for those with difficulty gripping or only have use of one hand. An angled knife keeps your wrist in a natural position when cutting. It is designed for those with limited hand or arm movement. A tray walker helps you move meals, drinks and other personal items around your house.

152 pages of useful tips, inspirational ideas and helpful products. From food preparation, to help getting dressed, don’t let the little jobs become a big problem. Get to know all the handy accessories that will help you perform daily tasks quickly and independently.

Experience the old-fashioned, family-friendly customer experience in a brand new showroom. Can you deliver and set up my new bed? Can you find the right wheelchair for me? Can you install my raised toilet seat?  Yes we can and we’re here for you when you need us.

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Updated on 12 Oct 2021